Welcome to JET Industries, Inc, the internet's one-stop muffler shop for all of your quiet air solutions. array With six distinct series of air-silencing mufflers, we are confident that you will find the muffler that will best satisfy your quest for quiet air. Applications for JET pneumatic exhaust mufflers include, but are not limited to, Air Cylinders, Valves, AOD Pumps, Air Motors, Compressors, Piston and Turbine Vibrators and other Air-Driven Equipment.
Disassembly and Cleaning: TM & SLM Series mufflers featuring disassembled a brass element, which is impervious to solvents, can be disassembled and cleaned as shown in this illustration. Cleaning solvents should be selected appropriately, depending on the collected contaminants. JET mufflers configured with our synthetic elements should simply remove the contaminated element and replace it with a new one.